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FoundryDie Casting

Types of Al alloys

EN AB-46000AlSi9Cu3(Fe)DIN 226D
EN AB-47100AlSi12Cu1(Fe)DIN 231D
EN AB-43400AlSi10Mg(Fe)DIN 239D
EN AB-44300AlSi12(Fe)DIN 230D


4x - melting furnaces Striko Westofen

1x - FDU foundry degassibg unit

Melting capacity 1100 kg/hour

Die casting cells

3x - die casting machines Bühler 840 ton, fully automated cells

1x - die casting machines Bühler 530 ton, fully automated cells

We are able to produce parts up to 7 kg (10kg with gating system)


Moulds and trimming tools we are producing in cooperation with our suppliers, maintenance of tools is making in our foundry.