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Aluminium Die Casting & CNC Machining


Foundry Alupress


Obrobna Alupress


Foundry Alupress has long experience in die casting and machining of aluminum castings. We offer our customers complete support from design to final completion of high-quality aluminum castings cast under pressure. As a leading manufacturer of aluminum castings are delivered successfully leading renowned brands from both the electrical and automotive industry.

Tools for die casting and cutting tools are carried out in cooperation with external companies with whom we have been cooperating for many years.


Machining schop provides another level of finishing of aluminum castings according to customer requirements. The manufacturing program is focused on series production. We work with Al castings from our own foundry, from external foundries and also production from the metallurgical semi especially pipes and rods (steel, copper alloys etc.). We provide service from the demand to the final product.

Clamping tools and tools provided in cooperation with our external suppliers.

FOUNDRY Alupress